Welcome to Harper Hospital District #5

Welcome to Harper Hospital District #5!  Our motto is “quality care, right here at home” and we have been proudly serving Harper since 1962. Our friendly and well educated staff strive to help serve your needs.


We are a Level IV Trauma hospital and are a registered Stroke Ready facility.  We have 25-beds made up of 15 patient care room and 10 Long Term Beds We have an attached Assisted Living Facility, 3 Rural Health Clinics, and a 24 hour Emergency Department. We offer CT scans, Bone Density Scans, Sonogram, EKG, Echos, and MRI diagnostics on site. Our Laboratory Services match many of those offered in a larger facility. Our staff and visiting specialists, including a cardiologist and a urologist,  can save patients a trip to Wichita by providing quality care right here at home.  Add in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Out Patient Services, Cardiopulmonary Rehab, Senior Emotional Support Services, Telemedicine,  a Wellness Center, and Surgery and we think you’ll find that we, here at Harper Hospital, can provide care for a majority of your medical and wellness needs.


At Harper Hospital District #5 we do everything we can to try to meet your healthcare needs.

700 West 13th Street, Harper, Kansas 67058