The Board at Hospital District #6  is made up of community volunteers who have expertise in a variety of fields.  They include a retired teacher, financial advisor, farmer, nursing instructor, and more. With living in the area, they know how important keeping healthcare local. They are all committed to helping Hospital District #6 serve its patients, families, and communities.

Members of the Board

  • Martha Hadsall – Chairman
  • Kimberly Schrant – Vice-Chairman
  • Lee Cox – Treasurer
  • Jan Lanie – Secretary
  • Alan Patterson
  • Dennis Roberts
  • Caleb Ediger

Front Row: Jan Lanie, Kimberly Schrant, Lee Cox. Back Row: Caleb Ediger, Martha Hadsall, Dennis Roberts, and Alan Patterson.


The Board meets regularly – on the 4th Thursday of the month at 6pm. The meetings rotate monthly between the Harper Campus and Anthony Campus. The meetings are always open to the public – in fact, the public is encouraged to attend so they know how the Board is assisting in the healthcare needs of our communities.
Next meeting is Thursday, November 29th Anthony Campus Education Room

DECEMBER 27th: Harper Campus



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