Patient Portal Access

Thank you for choosing Hospital District #6  for your medical needs. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and hospitality to our patients and their families.

Once you have registered, you can access the patient portals anytime by visiting the websites listed below.

Harper Campus Patients, CLICK HERE

Anthony Campus Patients, CLICK HERE

Why are we asking for an email address?

In compliance with the federal government’s Meaningful Use Initiative, all hospitals will soon be required to provide patients access to their medical records electronically. This will allow you to access your medical history, completed medical procedures, test results, medication lists, drug allergies, and much more via the patient portal. With this application, you will also be able to download your medical record to your computer and share your information with other medical professionals.

The email account collected from your registration will receive an auto-generated email from our electronic health record. This email will give step-by-step instructions on how to access your personal medical record.


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