Laboratory Services

Harper Hospital strives to meet the needs of our community by providing efficient diagnostic laboratory testing. We are available 7am – 7pm, Monday through Friday for routine testing & testing personnel is available on call for all emergency needs 24 hours a day. A team built of qualified personnel with over 65 years combined clinical laboratory experience.


Marla R. Stierwalt MT MLT(ASCP) Lab Manager
Laura A. Cardone MLT(AAMP) Testing Personnel
Kamran R. Rezai MT(ASCP) Testing Personnel
Catherine L. Kalocinski MLT AAS Testing Personnel
Brandy R. Thimesch CPT Phlebotomist/Lab Assistant

Patients are always wanting to know what we do with all the blood we collect (“Are you feeding a vampire bat?” or “Are you making fish bait?”) When actually we should be asking them if they know that 70% of all medical diagnosis are made using clinical laboratory testing?

Harper Hospital’s laboratory is a CLIA certified clinical lab for:

Routine Chemistry Hematology Toxicology
Endocrinology Immunohematology Mycology
Arterial Blood Gases Urinalysis Parasitology

Lab assists cardiac lab with EKG performance and patient set up of Holter and Event monitors.

We are also a DOT certified UDS & BAT collection site.

The lab of Harper Hospital is doing their part to provide Quality Care Right Here at Home.