Medical Records

Cindi Beadman Department Head
Cathy Lubbers Information Tech
Kathie Quigg Information Tech
Shelly Earls Medical Records Clinic

We are in the process of changing to electronic medical records but as of now there will always be some part of your medical record that is paper.  New is our capability of releasing digital copies of most of 2013 medical records using thumb drives.

  • To request a copy of your records, start by contacting the medical records department at (620) 896-7324 ext. 274
  • The next step will be to fill out the “authorization for disclosure of protected health information” form which can be sent to you by fax, mail or picked up at the front desk.  If requesting records be sent to another healthcare facility please be sure to give us their name, address, phone or fax number.  You will be required to show a valid photo ID if picking up the records.
  • For the protection of the patient if you are picking up another person’s records, you will need legal documents to demonstrate your right to access records on their behalf such as DPOA for health care decision.
  • HHD5 policy is 5-10 working days, although HIPAA does allow up to 30 days to complete a record request.  For each request, the staff must validate a request’s authorization signature with a signature in the medical record; locate records; review the record to ensure the authorization is valid for the release of all requested information and the copy the records.
  • Hospitals have the right to charge fees for the labor involved in copying and assembling records.  HHD5 will waive the fee if the information is being sent to another provider for use in healthcare.  However, we do charge a fee if the patient requests a personal copy of the record.  Please contact medical records for current charges.

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