The Board at Hospital District #6  is made up of community volunteers who have expertise in a variety of fields.  They include a retired teacher, financial advisor, farmer, nursing instructor, and more. With living in the area, they know how important keeping healthcare local is. They are all committed to helping Hospital District #6 serve its patients, families, and communities.

Members of the Board

  • Martha Hadsall – Chairman
  • Kimberly Schrant – Vice-Chairman
  • Lee Cox – Treasurer
  • Jan Lanie – Secretary
  • Alan Patterson
  • Dennis Roberts
  • Caleb Ediger

Front Row: Jan Lanie, Kimberly Schrant, Lee Cox. Back Row: Caleb Ediger, Martha Hadsall, Dennis Roberts, and Alan Patterson.


The Board meets regularly – on the 4th Thursday of the month at 6pm. The meetings rotate monthly between the Harper Campus and Anthony Campus. The meetings are always open to the public – in fact, the public is encouraged to attend so they know how the Board is assisting in the healthcare needs of our communities.
Next meeting is Thursday, June 28th @ 6pm. Harper Campus

JUNE 28th: Harper Campus
JULY 26th: Anthony Campus
AUGUST 23rd: Harper Campus
SEPTEMBER 27th: Anthony Campus
OCTOBER 25th: Harper Campus
NOVEMBER 22nd: Anthony Campus (this date will change due to the Thanksgiving holiday)
DECEMBER 27th: Harper Campus



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