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History of Patterson Health Center

Question: What prompted the discussion for a merger?
Answer: In 2012, a community health needs assessment was conducted by the Harper County Health Department. The town hall meeting identified and ranked the needs as:
1. Service/Referral Integration between Harper Hospital and Anthony Medical Center
2. Drugs and Alcohol
3. Training for EMT’s and Dispatch
4. Lack of Family Support for Kids
5. Physical Therapy 7 days a week

The full report can be accessed on the Harper County Health Department website: Click HERE

Question: How did the boards respond to the assessment?

Answer: Working with both HH#5 and AMC CEO’s, Bill Widener and Bryant Anderson, a study for a consolidation/merger was prepared by BKD. BKD is the accounting firm that prepares the annual meeting financial statements for both entities. The study was presented to both boards on December 17, 2013. The study reviewed the issues facing the boards for consolidation/merger. A new facility option was a part of this study. Before the presentation, the boards had met jointly, toured both facilities, established quarterly meetings, and discussed options for cooperation.

Please enjoy the video below to explain how this process began and continues.



The final piece of structural steel is installed!

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