Physical Therapy

pt1Our Physical Therapy Department provides individual exercise and training programs to restore strength, movement, and function.  Some of the activities include:

  • Gait and balance training
  • Using adaptive devices for everyday living
  • Pain relief with heat and ultrasound treatments
  • Transfer Training
  • Educational instruction for patients with their family


We love being able to provide Quality Physical Therapy Care Right Here Close to Home!


pt4We do custom fitting!

Orthotics are designed to correct improper body mechanics to reduce dysfunction and/or pain when this cannot be achieved naturally.  This works by causing the foot to adapt to the new surface the orthotic provides, thus improving mechanics throughout the rest of the body.

The process starts with a gait and movement analysis by a Physical Therapist. Then, a mold will be made to capture the unique shape of your foot. Finally, the results are usually ready within 2 weeks.

For questions or to schedule your custom orthotic fitting, call us at: Harper Hospital Physical Therapy Department at (620)896-7324 ext. 575.